1. I Miss You

From the recording 86 VOL 1

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I Miss You
Lyrics and Music by Andrew M. Salgado BMI © 10-5-17

Stuck at the terminal cause my flight’s delayed
I could sit and wait or take the very next train
I haven’t seen your face in 7 long days
And now

Cause I miss you
Baby, baby
Thinking bout you day and night
Is crazy, crazy
And I’m wonderin if you think about me
Maybe maybe
Prayin' wishin' hopin' – that you do – I hope you do
Cause I miss you baby baby

So when I come late from a hard day's pay
The first thing on my mind is if you’re all right
It’s only been a week… but I’m coming over tonight

Can’t think straight
Must be fate – you’re all I think about
And now I
Go insane – when someone speaks your name
I smile – every hour of everyday
And now