1. Back Home

From the recording 86 VOL 1

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Back Home
Lyrics and Music by Andrew M. Salgado © 10-26-17

I’m so lost just working through the memories
I was gone for a long time thought this was a home for me
So I’m packing up – moving out – I’m leaving everything on the ground
There’s some place – waitin' on me

So I’m coming home – where I plan
To never leave my family again
Choosing love – over lust
Is the only way I can- break the past, heal the pain
Trust in the Lord and all His grace
I’m sorry bout I have to go
Back home

I never thought there would come a day
Where this place wouldn’t be a home for me to stay
But I know why – this can’t – ever turn into a real plan
There’s some place – that’s waiting on me