1. Escape

From the recording 86 VOL 1

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Lyrics and Music by Andrew M. Salgado BMI © 10-8-17

Hey you
I know your stuck inside on such a lovely day
Maybe I can take you to lunch

Or stop by
When you finish working that hard long day
And maybe fix you up some love

Maybe hit the town
Baby let me show you around – if you’re feeling down

Whatever you got babe, bounce it off me

Let me be your love and your grace
Your fire and rain
You’re hurt when in pain
Your shoulder to lay on
Your sign when you’re lost
Your fame when it’s gone
The truth when it fades
Baby let me be your escape

Hey you
If you wanna vent about your new boss
Baby I’ll move my day

Or stop by
Cause you’re sick and tired of always hopin bars
Baby I’ll pour the wine