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Love Will Always Find A Way
Copyright (c) 2016


Love Will Always Find A Way

you come from so high up
I come from so down low
I drive a run down truck
and you drive a camaro
You’re such an uptown girl
we come from different worlds
but i can still love you babe

so i don’t care what they have to say I believe
you and me are meant to be
it’s destiny you can’t change fate
love will always find a way

your dad says let him go
he won’t amount to much
your friends say tell him no
he’ll never be the one
but when your lips touch mine
money could never buy
the feelings that we feel

love is a raging storm
it’s a quite place
it’s neither rich or poor
it’s written on your face
it’s a soft warm kiss
it’s a stay and fight
sometimes it don’t make sense
we know it’s right

Andrew salgado/ Darrly Worely / Jim “Moose” Brown